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The Digimiam

Futuristic restaurant

You are in Lille in 2080 in a futuristic estaminet. The neurons of the Digimiam's cooking Artificial Intelligence have short-circuited! It's now up to you to infiltrate through a laser labyrinth and restore the robotic arms! Will you be able to solve all the original enigmas in immersive sceneries?

This is a 2-player scenario that can welcome up to 8 players (the scenario is duplicated in two rooms).


Horror room Not recommended for children under the age of 16

Manor of the puppeteer

We are going to open a new horror escape game in Lille. Immersed in the middle of a forest, you discover the mysterious manor of a puppeteer. Will you escape the macabre valse of the puppets? Are you ready to put your life and that of your team at risk? The adrenaline rises... Scenario to be played at dusk!

The design of the puzzles is still in progress.


The concept of Escapes Games

Escape the Room

The principle of live escape games is to lock a group of players in a theme room. The challenge is to escape by solving all the puzzles in less than one hour ⏳. Fun and immersive, the live escape game is a hobby that combines team work, communication and logic. Escape games are an outing to do in family, between friends or in couple 😃.

The originality of Just Escape

Just Escape is a 2.0 escape game in which you are offered original puzzles without any lockers 🎯. We also focus on the quality of immersion by creating film-like sceneries 🗿. Fully connected puzzles affect the atmosphere of the rooms to offer you the most realistic experience possible. The first room can be played by two people at an affordable price.

Teambuilding, Bachelor party

We have attractive prices for events like birthdays, stag or hen parties 🎁. Just Escape also provides turnkey solutions for team building and workshop (relaxation area, dinner aperitif, etc). This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen team cohesion 😄. This activity is suitable for beginners as well as passionate thanks to adaptative clues.


What is the price of a scenario?


Per person


Off-peak hours

From monday to friday until 4PM (included)


For students

Online payments are made at full price. Refund of the difference on site upon presentation of the card.

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Opening quote mark The best live escape game in Lille – The designer's mom

Half shadowed close-up of a puzzling man wearing a hat and smoking a pipe

Opening quote mark A scenario rich in emotions that I highly recommend! If you book with them, talk to me ahead so I can get a cooptation bon[...]

The angled head of Marmitron, the Digimiam's chef robot

Opening quote mark The Digimiam is undoubtedly the best estaminet in Lille! You'll find some amazing 2040-style waffles that will remind you of your childhood! Yummy! You're gonna love it!

Scenery in the background and in the foreground a close-up of an enigmatic smiling woman wearing a large hat and big sunglasses

Opening quote mark I loved this investigation full of twists and turns. It's obvious that the riddles were child's play to me! Ha ha ha... What? What took me so long? Uh well.... It's because... it's because I admired the scenery of the room!

How to get to the estate in Lille?

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