The originality of Just Escape

Innovative puzzles

Solve original puzzles that you are discovering for the first time. Find modern mechanisms in completely unusual "0 lockers" rooms.

The difficulty adapts to your group

Enjoy the scenario, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The game master can adjust the difficulty to make your session as fun as possible.

Immersive scenery

Experience immersion in life-size format. Movie-like settings and staging await you. As a bonus, the 100% connected enigmas influence the sound and light atmosphere!

What is an escape game ?

By the way...

The principle of life-size escape games is to lock a group of players in a themed room. The challenge is to solve puzzles as a team to escape in less than an hour.

A game master watches over you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The escape game is a leisure activity to discover with friends, family or in couple from 2 players.

Our escape rooms

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The Digimiam
Cybernetic estaminet
2 - 8 players (on 2 rooms) Group of 3 persons
60 minutes Time to solve puzzles
FR Available languages for the scenario

In 2080, the last estaminet in Lille has just closed. The neurons of culinary intelligence have short-circuited. Mrs. Poivre is counting on you to restore the refectory. Will you manage to save one of the last emblematic places of Flemish culture?

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How much is it for an escape game?

Our prices
20€ by player in off-peak hours 25€ in peak time

Escape games are a great way to spend time with family, friends or couples.

The scenario can be played by two people at an affordable price.

Are you organising an event such as a birthday party, an EVG or an EVJF? After the game, you can stay for free on the sofas in the reception room!

Gift card

Never know what to give?

How about an original and unique gift voucher?

Your loved ones will love spending Christmas or their birthday with you!

Are you organising a tombola or a prize draw? Ask to receive them as a prize.


Training, seminar, workshop

The live escape game combines teamwork, communication and logic. It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the cohesion of a group.

Discover turnkey solutions for team building: seminar room, aperitif, etc.

Choose the formula you need, whether you are 2 people or up to 46 employees.

How to get to the center in Lille ?

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