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Air-conditioned rooms
+33 7 89 05 37 90

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Monday-sunday: 10AM-11PM

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Tel: +33 7 89 05 37 90

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26 rue d'Arras
59000 Lille, France


How to get to the estate in Lille?

A person walking, seen from the side By foot

From the Republic square, go down the boulevard de la Liberté. Enter the Jean-Baptiste Lebas square, and continue going down.

Get out of the park by the exit on the side of rue de Solférino and you should see the rue d'Arras at the left of the Carrefour City shop.

Old school bus facing the screen Subway facing the screen Public transport

The metro line 2 has two nearby stations: Lille Grand Palais and Porte d'Arras.

There are 2 close bus stations as well: Douai Arras (on the L14) and JB Lebas (on the L1).

City car facing the screen By car

In the Rue d'Arras and in the Moulins district (to the south) parking is free. Plan ahead to find a place to park.

In the area of the Jean-Lebas Park and to the north of it, parking is not free.