Turnkey team building

Most popular packs after a good escape game

Cup of coffee lying on an undercup Snack
Triangular shaped cocktail glass with a slice of lemon attached Cocktail
Two filled wine glasses having a toast Dinner aperitif
An animator pointing something on a whiteboard with their finger in the background to a team of 3 persons in the foreground Workshop
Drinks Softs Beer or glass of wine Beer or glass of wine Softs
Menu Sweet snack (waffles, fruits, dairy product) Salted aperitif (dry sausage, cheese, nuts) Caterer X shaped cross
Privatization of the reception room** after the game Optional Optional Optional Check mark
Full privatization of the estate Optional Optional Optional Optional
Price +15€ per participant* +20€ per participant* +35€ per participant* From 100€*

(*) Price excluding tax. Does not include the price of a game session (starting at 20€ excluding tax per person).

(**) 30 m² room with tables, sofas, coffee, tea, video projector, board games.


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