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The Digimiam

Cybernetic estaminet
2 - 10 players (on 2 rooms) Group of 3 persons
60 minutes Time to solve puzzles
FR / EN Available languages for the scenario
Difficulty: adapted to your group

What could a futuristic estaminet entirely managed by Artificial Intelligence look like? This is what you will discover in the Digimiam (famous address that all the inhabitants of Lille speak about in 2080).

But today the Digimiam needs you. The report indicates that the cooking Artificial Intelligence, Marmitron, would no longer respond to orders. The customer is urging you and your maintenance group specialized in AI.

This routine intervention may well become funnier than expected when you will infiltrate a laser labyrinth, restore the robotic arm and manipulate other modules.

The scenario is duplicated in 2 rooms.

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