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Air-conditioned rooms
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Frequently Asked Questions


Escape games are a team game that consists of locking a group in a room full of mysteries. You have 60 minutes to solve puzzles with hidden clues.

Getting out on time will require logic, communication and a good team spirit. These qualities must be demonstrated in stressful and adrenaline-filled situations.

It is ideal to challenge yourself or simply for the pleasure of life-size immersion.

The principle of escape games is to complete all the riddles without leaving the room.

In case of emergency or uneasiness, it is always possible to evacuate. A game master monitors you with cameras and microphones.

Not yet, but we are working on it.

The booking process

We advise you not to come with children under the age of 10. Completing a puzzle requires focus.

Groups with children under the age of 15 are accepted with at least one adult in the team.

Yes, Just Escape offers you a scenario specially designed for couples or duos, both in terms of gameplay and price.

The room Cybercity is adapted for two players. This room can accomodate up to 4 players.

Other scenarios tolerate 2 players but do not recommend it.

Yes, if you did not pay the full amount when you booked, you may change your group until the game begins.

If you have already paid for everything, you can replace a player who canceled at the last minute because the reservation is not nominative.

However, if you have purchased 4 tickets and you come to 3, we will not refund you. We will offer you a gift certificate for one place.

The escape game session

As a courtesy to other groups, we ask you to be punctual.

In case of delay we reserve the right to penalize the duration of your escape game, or even to cancel it. No claims can be made.

Cameras and microphones placed in rooms will follow you throughout the game. A game master will ensure your safety and progress. He can give you clues to help you.

The estate is located at 26 rue d'Arras in Lille, at the crossroads of rue Solférino and the Jean-Baptiste Lebas square. It is close to the Lille Grand Palais metro station.

There are more info on our contact page.

Come as you are. At Just Escape we are here to have fun! You don't need to prepare yourself or nor to have prior knowledge to play.

Occasions (Team Building)

We will be happy to welcome you for your bachelor parties and other celebrations with family and friends.

After the game, we will invite you to the reception room to spend some time.

Yes, we offer additional services for your team building events.

Contact us if you wish to make available advantageous rates for your employees.

The escape room Cybercity can accommodate up to 4 players. As this room is duplicated, you can play up to 8 simultaneously.

If there are more of you (up to 16), one group will play the room while the others play board games in the reception area.

We invite companies to fill in the quote form.

The gift card can be used during the online booking.

A gift voucher is only valid for one year. Hurry up and come and play!